Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stayin' In Albany!

Hello, Hello!

Transfer calls were Saturday and I am staying in Albany! We were pretty confident we and the elders were, but we were still nervous during the call. It's a big conference call that every missionary in the mission is involved in and they go through each zone and read the names of missionaries who need to pack. Kind of intense! Sister Turner and I and Elders Thiel and Blankenship are staying though and we're pretty excited about that, this group is awesome and I feel comfortable in this area. One reason a mission flies so fast is because when you do get transferred, it's like starting your mission over every six weeks! I'm glad I'm staying another transfer, you guys will get to meet Sister Turner over Skype! :)

We did go on Exchanges this week, so Sister Turner and I swapped companions with the Sister Training Leaders and I went to Douglas with one of them. It's fun to be in a different area for a day and get to meet the people other missionaries are teaching, you just get a different taste of the same work. 

I liked this birthday week! I saw the picture of Aimee and that you guys had ice cream cake, we did too! I was pretty proud of the creation, it turned out awesome. And the elders even gave me props for not lighting it on fire ;) Hopefully Aimee had a wonderful birthday, Sister Turner did and is very grateful for the things you all sent her, she felt very loved.

Here's our miracle for the week! On Thursday we had a few different things going on but we knew we needed to go tracting a little bit, find more people to teach. We had already been to this one neighborhood and knocked a few doors, but we decided to go back. We didn't have a whole lot of time so we decided we would knock on two doors. We went to the first one and this young mom answered and we asked if we could just say a quick prayer with her and she let us right in--what?! Nobody lets us in! Turns out this family is GOLDEN! So prepared. It's the mom and her husband and they have a little girl, maybe three or four years old. Turns out their Pastor died three months ago and they have been looking for a new church because they said no one has been as good as him. They really are searching for truth and we know that we are an answer to their prayers, and they are an answer to ours. That morning Sister Turner just said everything in her heart to God telling Him we needed more people to teach and we need to know that there are still solid people here who are searching for the truth that we have and knowing that this area is ready and can progress. Tahdahhhhh! We didn't get a chance to teach them that first meeting but we said we would stop back and invited them to church on Sunday. We went back on Saturday to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel and we came when she was almost ready to go to work, but she said very matter-of-factly "Oh, well we were coming to church tomorrow! So we'll be there." We honestly couldn't believe it. There are so many people around us every day that are prepared to hear the message of the gospel-YOUR testimony of it, but we need to open our mouths! Live your testimony, you will see miracles. This family actually didn't make it to church, but it's OK, we'll check back. I still think they're awesome and ready. So I don't forget next time I tell y'all about them, the mom's name is Carisma and her husband I think is Emmanuel. We haven't actually met him yet.

So I hope all of you women were able to attend the broadcast of the General Women's Meeting on Saturday; if not, go watch it online! All of the messages were great but I really loved President Eyring's. He said that before we came to Earth, Heavenly Father had our trials and afflictions perfectly chosen for us individually and he said that Heavenly Father personally tutored each and every one of us through them, giving us each a plan to make it through and also to help others along the way. Whoa! So cool. We each have a divine responsibility to recognize these things and lift, comfort, and love all of the people around us. Just remember, God tutored you-He helped you, strengthened you, and showed you the way! Trust Him, He knows your divine potential and will stop at nothing to help you achieve it. 

I hope you are all excited for one of my favorite times of the year--CONFERENCE!!! I seriously love April and October for the chance to hear from the Prophet and Apostles and other leaders of the Church. It is a huge blessing to be able to hear the words God has for us, simply spoken through His own mouthpieces and I hope you all see that and take advantage of it. Invite people to be a part of it-friends, neighbors, coworkers, members or not! Don't think that because there's no regular church meeting so it's the chance to "vacation", that breaks my heart when people view it that way. I'll make you a promise. You think of something, a question or concern or anything that's been on your mind, and write it down. Then, watch Conference. Listen to the messages that are given. I PROMISE you will get an answer. It may be something said, or it may only be what you feel. There are many times where answers to prayers are given and the person who was talking didn't say one thing about what you needed. But the Holy Ghost testifies. You WILL get the answers/feelings you need and you will be uplifted. I promise. Please treat this weekend like the Savior were coming, He is trying to talk with you. 
Amos 3:7 "Whether it be by my voice or by the voice of my servant, it is the same." 

Another thing I want to share is that without the Atonement of Jesus Christ, NOTHING is possible. The Atonement is meant to be used daily. It's not only for repentance, but for strength in our everyday lives. It lets us know that when we have done all we can, we can leave the rest in the Lord's hand and He will take it from there. Everything will work out. Many times we're broken down far enough that we will listen. Heavenly Father has a lot to say but we have to be the ones willing to listen and accept the message. Let Him help. Just get on your knees, tell Him everything, and ask for His help. Ask Him to give you the strength to get through, because He will. Matthew 11:28-30 "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Remember that there are people desperately searching for truth-the knowledge that you have! Live your testimony. We are blessed to have the knowledge we do, and we have the responsibility to always be sharing the gospel by word and deed, even if we are not formally called and set apart. Every member of the Church is a missionary. Being here on Earth at this time, our mission is to help bring our brother and sisters to Christ. Christ said, "Feed my sheep,"

"Sometimes a single phrase of testimony [your testimony] can set events in motion that affect someone's life for eternity." -Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf. 
"Along the pathway of life, you will observe that you are not the only traveler. There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save." -Pres. Thomas S. Monson.

People need your testimony. They truly do. 

I am grateful for the love and support you all show me, I love you! Have an amazing week and enjoy Conference!

Isaiah 59:1 "Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear"

All my love,
Sister Applegate

Basically just Sister Turner's birthday! I was on exchanges for the morning part of the day and I had Sister Parke open the package mom sent and decorate. Apparently she did some time of Hansel and Grettel thing and she used the party hats to lead Sister Turner out to the decorated living room. She's so funny I love her. We had a good time!
And when I went on exchanges Sister Christensen and I totally matched. Sister Turner and Sister Parke did too, it was pretty crazy.

ince we can't go in each other's apartments we always party in the hall. We're always at one or the other planning, sometimes venting, and just sharing. It's really fun. On exchanges, in Douglas it's the same setup for the elders and sisters, but they're outside. Kind of like a carport deal... if you understand that. I'm sooooo glad our hallways are inside! It's nice. They said during the ice storm before I got here when they couldn't leave for 4 days they just playing cards in the hal

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