Thursday, September 11, 2014

Good Week!

Hi everyone!

So to start off, what do y'all think would be the most perfect day in the life of Sister Applegate and Sister Taylor? I think something that would have to be a part of that day is catching a mouse... well, guess what?! We caught the mouse on Saturday!!! Sister Taylor and I have different rooms where all of our stuff is at and my room has a few sticky traps because I think the mouse spends a lot of time going in and out of the wall in there, but I've caught a lot of cockroaches on them, so I offered one to Sister Taylor for her room on Friday night. Saturday morning we woke up and got dressed to go exercise and all the sudden I hear Sister Taylor and she was like "Oh my gosh...!..Sister Applegate...there's a mouse..!!!!" Hahaha. It only took one night to catch it!!! She had put the sticky trap near her dresser and she went to check it and it was gone. Clear across the room, with a mouse stuck on it and trying desperately to get off. It almost did. I didn't want to touch it so I grabbed another sticky trap and put it on top of it.... mouse sandwich... it was so gross. I would say I can rest easy now, but this mouse was just a little baby... I don't think it's the one that's been living in our trailer for probably 6 months or more eating all of our food. There's probably a little mice family somewhere.... *shutter* We're going to keep traps out just in case, but I'll attach the pictures of this one! Look at its eyes... the thing was so creepy. Once it was in a bag in the trash it was still moving too... poor thing was trying so desperately to live. Sorry... Sister Taylor screams bloody murder when she sees cockroaches but she didn't scream too badly when she saw the mouse. I guess because the trap was missing and she was looking for it. I kind of freaked a little :) But anyway, that was one of our adventures this week! :)

This week has been great!! We met with Diane (Myra was in bed, still recovering) and Diane started talking about how there are so many different religions in her family; Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Jehovah's Witnesses; then she was like: "What if I'm the Mormon?" Hahaha. I think that means she wants to be baptized..... I'll take it! Then she started saying how if she does make that step, she'll have no where to stay because Myra wouldn't let her live with her if she did that. But Myra was the one who wanted to get baptized first... Diane is a little different and I think things are...umm... thought about weird I guess in her brain so I don't know what to think. I mean, we don't know what happens when we're not there, but I thought they were both realizing the truth we were sharing and wanting to get baptized... I guess we'll find out later. I think though if they were to continue on, their faith would be very strong so that's what I'm praying for. That they will know the truth and not fall away from it any more. 

Next person!! Shannon still super awesome. He was telling us how a couple weeks he was literally at a breaking point, and that's when he met us and since then, he hasn't really been stressed and his life has gotten significantly better. Things are looking up for him! He's only in this area trying to help his mom get back on her feet, but it's really bringing him down. He knows he needs to get away and get himself better first. He wants to be a good dad and a better person. He's been gone the past few days and he said he might be moving to Augusta. Although it will be sad if we can't be the ones to teach him anymore, I do agree that he needs to get out of this area if he wants to help himself. He's cool though, he's the only investigator I've ever had that calls US to check up on us. Who does that?! Haha, we love it. He's changing for the better every day.

Then there's Brandy! Brandy is the coolest lady ever. She came to our Book of Mormon class and we read a chapter and were talking about it, then she was saying how her husband was 'picking' and kind of joking with her and telling her she has to give up coffee and wine and stuff. She's already given up the wine, but when he said something about coffee she was like "we haven't gotten to that yet so I don't have to be done yet!" Hahaha. She is incredible. She said she doesn't want to go to Hell over a cup of coffee so when we do talk about that with her, she'll give it up. She cracks me up :) When we explain to her the reason why and the blessings that come from abstaining from it, she will be even stronger and I know she'll be able to get baptized. We're meeting with her tonight and we're going to make the invitation to her to get baptized on October 11 :) Yay! 

Here's another amazing experience for y'all, it's about an awesome lady named Shante (pronounced Shawn-tuh). Shante is the granddaughter of Elise. We asked Elise who we could go see and share more of the gospel with, and she immediately told us about Shante. She's going through a rough divorce right now and has two kids, a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. We met with her and had an awesome first lesson-we said a closing prayer and she just started crying. She said that this was what she needed-that it made her happy and she really felt like we were sent from God to her. Well, we were. We've been in her area and it's already been tracted so we weren't going to go back and knock more any time soon, so because of Elise giving us the referral to go see Shante, we never would have found her. Or at least it would have been a while. So that's a miracle. That is why we ask everyone for referrals, who else we can go see. Because miracles come from it. Shante is so cool though, everything has just fallen into place for her and she's receiving the things that she needs to hear. We met with her again last night and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is so excited to read it. When we talked about sharing more about it and the gospel she was like "Well I know you probably can't come every day, but I would love if you could come and read with me and break things down." Haha, we told her that if she's ok with us coming every day, we will! That is now the plan :) I would love to see her every day! We told her directly that it's people like her that we are searching for, and who make everything worth it. Miracles are so awesome, I hope y'all can see them in your everyday lives as well.

Time goes by so quickly, I hope y'all take advantage of every moment! I have been gone for 7 months already, can you believe it? That went by waaaayyy too fast. That's probably how mom and dad are feeling too--just so everyone knows tomorrow (September 9) they will have been married 26 years!! Crazy how fast time flies. A short 26 years in the book, an eternity to still be written. 

I love you all to pieces and am so happy to hear about all the wonderful things that are happening! I am having the best time of my life because nothing can make you happier than helping other people come closer to Christ. If there's any way to help people I want to do it. Missions are the best and I am so grateful to be counted as a full-time missionary in this time and this place. We're 'Macon' miracles here in Georgia!
Have a Blessed week everyone :)

Much love,
Sister Applegate

I met Zelma!!! Alright, so I've been hoping to meet someone named Zelma like my dad's convert until I actually meet the real her, and this week I did! This lady's name is Zelma and she is HILARIOUS! Such a funny old lady. She's constantly cracking jokes--she'll say something with a serious tone and just look at us, and then she'll crack a smile and start laughing :) Oh my she's funny. And she really likes my shoes... she really wants them. Don't mess with her though, apparently she's got a pistol in her bag, a baseball bat, and she knows karate. She's showed us some moves, pretty impressive hahaha. 

Sister Taylor always prays for unity in her companionships. This week we walked out wearing the EXACT same thing. I still can't believe it. I told her I was changing and then I was too lazy to, and throughout the day I was wishing I had, hahaha. We looked ridiculous. 

The mouse we caught..... ewww

My legs...continuing to get worse over the last two weeks... I don't think pictures do them justice, they're so dark and nasty. The mission nurse said when some people get bit by ants/nats/mosquitoes if their skin is thin or something they bruise really bad. I guess I fall into that category. The last pic I was trying to show you 3D what they look like. I have mountains growing on my legs! Hahaha, just kidding. They started to look a little better yesterday though, so they're healing.  

This sign reminds me of the movie Princess Diaries. "Keep off the grass!" Haha.

The *coolest* playground... best in town. Haha. The sign says "Play Land" 

The weirdest things/vehicles are on the roads here. These monsters, lawn mowers, you name it. People will drive anything 

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