Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Disappointed, NOT Discouraged

Hey y'all!

Happy Thanksgiving this week! And happy late birthday Mitchell! And happy birthday to everyone else that's having or had a birthday this month, I hope they are all so wonderful! 

So this week was pretty good, it had its ups and downs. Last week I knew I was getting a little discouraged with Charlene and everybody, but at one lesson we had with her this week almost out of nowhere she was like "I don't want you all to get discouraged-you keep your head held high." What?! Hahaha. I love the way Heavenly Father works. So that was going okay, but she's still been really sick. She fell a couple of times this week and busted her lip and some teeth and wasn't able to come to church. We pushed her date back to December 5th (best day for a baptism ;) ) and then she called us like an hour ago and dropped us for good.... sigh. She had told us earlier this week even though she knew the Church was true, if her kids didn't approve there was absolutely no way she would go against her children, because they are all she has. Even though she rarely sees them. And the branch wants to help and a family had us over for their early celebration of Thanksgiving since they'll be in Florida for Thanksgiving so they gave us a bit plate of food and dessert to take to her. On the phone she told us to keep it. She said she'd be going with her kids for a while and she had our number when she would feel like contacting us... sigh. I think it was also this week we had gone by after we thought she already dropped us and it was like nothing had happened. I don't know. I can't keep track of the days, but I think we officially lost her as an investigator. I so wanted a baptism on my birthday! With everything that happens though it's been reemphasized that as missionaries especially, when people don't follow through with commitments or sad things like this happen, we should be disappointed-devastated! And we are, but we should never get discouraged, because discouragement will weaken our faith. 

Here's a story for ya. Once upon a time on Tuesday a group of missionaries got together for their district meeting. After the meeting was over, the four elders who share a car were driving back to their areas, Sister Richardson and I were behind them, and then the other two elders were in their car behind us. The four elders in front stopped at a stop sign before crossing a highway into a neighborhood, then we pulled up to the stop sign. As we were waiting for our time to cross, something crashes into us and we jolt forward! Bam! Oh my gosh.... that did not just happen. But alas, it did. Our car has been hit once again. We totally thought it was the elders behind us, but another driver had gotten in between our two cars. So we got out, expecting to see a huge dent because it was a pretty hard hit, but luckily this car is built pretty well and there was no damage. Phew! As we were surveying the scene the lady kept apologizing and I was on the phone with Elder Cole (Senior couple missionary over cars) and then Elder Holt got out of his car and was like "this will make your day better!" and handed the lady a Jesus pass along card and then ran back to his car and they drove off. Dorks! Haha. But seriously, Elder Cole and I are going to be best buddies by the end of my mission, I feel like I'm on the phone all the time with him.... and it's always because our car got hit. Luckily it's never been our fault, but this is hit number three to the car I'm responsible for since I've been on my mission. This is the first time I've been in it when it's been hit though. We're all good though, no damage and no injuries. 

We went to see Susan and the Bells this week and when we got there things were just so tense and chaotic--they explained to us that everything had fallen apart and they were all so stressed and Susan was just going to leave and go back to her own house and they were all going to throw in the towel--whoa. Take a breather. Us being there started to calm things down and they asked us to help decorate their house a little for Christmas so things would calm down. Susan told us the reason she didn't leave though; the night before when we had been there we told them that the closer we get to God and as we really strive to do everything right and to the best of our ability, Satan sees that and he will throw everything he's got at us to try and ruin our progression. We told them that everything would seem to fall apart all at once but to be patient because things WOULD work out. Susan remembered us saying this and said that since we did say that, when that is what started to happen they recognized that it was Satan and decided to take a step back and pause things. And then we walked in again. :) It is just so cool to me how our Heavenly Father works in the details of our lives! 

We met some awesome people this week! We met this mother of two, Desiree, and are teaching her and will hopefully be teaching her niece, Dasia again soon; a very awesome lady named Tyrongela; we taught Tracy again who we met the other week who is so great as well; Bobbi and Sharon; Lynard; and Tine. With people like Bobbi and Sharon and Tine and Tyrongela we really see how prepared they are because there can be countless distractions, yet they are so centered on the gospel we are sharing. At one point in the lessons they're like "oh my goodness!" And they turn their phones on silent because they say we're sharing something so important that they know they really need to hear. It's cool when people can take that step. When we taught Lynard (LiNARD, not Leonard. Pronounce it right or he'll correct you very loudly during your prayer...) on Saturday he kept swearing and I felt like I was back in school or something--when people are swearing and you really really want to stand up for your beliefs and ask them to stop but you don't know how they'll react. Well, I felt like I really needed to ask him to please stop...so I did.. :o And it was great. Hahaha. He just started substituting better words and I thought to myself "oh! That was easy! And worth it!" So don't be afraid to stand up for the Savior. 

Alright ready for the highlight of the week? The Waynesboro elders redeemed themselves and they called on Thursday when they were in a lesson with Brandy so I could talk to her :) We were actually in a lesson so we missed the call and when I called them back they said they had just left but were pulling out of the driveway so they were super nice and turned around :) They were all at the Cartmells so we were on speaker with Brandy but she said they could all hear me, so Sister Richardson and I got to say hi to all of our Waynesboro family :) It was a good night. 

We were also able to teach Carolyn the Plan of Salvation this week, and that went well. She took notes in the pamphlet and I know she has a sincere desire to learn. 

Oh my gosh, I probably can't even convey how funny this experience was, but we contacted a referral this week and she opened the door and was all smiles and looked like the sweetest older lady. She was not interested at all, so we asked if there was anyone she knew who we could go visit--we specifically even asked if there was anyone in need of service since she was definitely not for our religion. She kept that big smile on her face and in this extreme baby talk voice she was like "If I did, I wouldn't introduce them to yooouuuuu. I would introduce them to the Lord Jesus Christ." :o Ouch! We were a little offended by that.... k not really, we were very sad for her, but when we were out of sight we started laughing. I can't believe she said that! Talking to us like we're babies... And do  you know whose name is on our badge?! Yeah! The Lord Jesus Christ!

Last night we also stopped by to see Glynn and Lucille and Lucille could get baptized if Glynn would just marry her already and he keeps saying he won't (trying to deter us) but last night he said something about Lucille and was like "this is why I married her." OHHHHH snap Glynn you're busted! So we nailed him on that. I don't know when he's planning on marrying her, but hopefully soon! They talked about going to the Salt Lake Temple next year too. YEAAHHHHHH!!! Sister Richardson and I will be there too!! Boom baby! I asked Glynn if he wanted to make my birthday the most special one of my life by marrying Lucille on that day and letting us throw the wedding but when he found out when my birthday was he said it was way too soon. We're still going to try and get them to do it though. Wish us luck! :) 

Also yesterday we went and saw our investigators William, Patricia, and Vonda. Vonda is their daughter, William and Patricia are really old and really sick. The elders came with us to give them blessings and it was so awesome. We read some scriptures with them and after William's blessing he rubbed his chest with his hand and said his chest didn't feel as tight. Aww. I love immediate results. :) Man, he probably doesn't weigh more than 100 lbs, he is just sooo tiny! But he was smiling yesterday and was the cutest old frail man I have ever seen. I'll try and get a picture next week. 

I think that's about it for the week.... Except! Haha, so on exchanges one of the elders in our branch said the elder he was with made a comment about Sister Richardson exploding the hot chocolate last week and said she wasn't "wife material". :o Oh my gosh.... I can't believe he said that! That is soooo mean! Neither of us want to be his wife, but still! You shouldn't say stuff like that. So that's another inside joke, and then this week I burned bread really bad in the oven and then I messed up instant oreo pudding pie. Don't ask me how. Just kidding, I was looking at the wrong thing and added too much milk. Hahaha. But we added a bunch of stuff and kind of fixed it... :) But between us and the elders in our branch, all we do is joke about it and we decided Sister Richardson and I both aren't "wife material" since we have so many kitchen catastrophes. Hahaha. It's great I love our life. :)

Oh! And we were contacting people at Walmart and this guy was in the medicine isle and Sister Richardson goes up to him and was like "here's the best medicine" and gives the guy and Jesus pass along card. Hahahahahahaha. I wasn't expecting that so me and the guy were just laughing as she tried to talk. Oh my goodness it was awesome. I've used that approach in the card isle telling people "here's the best card", but man, she's genius! haha.

One great thing we can all remember more is how important it is to keep our eyes on the Savior. In Matthew 14:25-33 we read about how Peter walked on water with Christ and it was so amazing--but when Peter started looking around and was distracted and got scared by the wind and the waves, he began to sink and called for the Savior to lift him up. And why did he begin to sink? Because he took his eyes off of the Savior. When we let the distractions of the world and the temptations of Satan sneak into our life/view and we're not totally focused on the Savior, we too will begin to sink. But if we put all of our faith and trust in Him, we too will be able to walk on water. Always remember that our Lifeguard walks on water. 

Have the most blessed week everyone! Enjoy Thanksgiving, and don't ever forget the things you are most thankful for! Offer a prayer of complete thanks--don't ask for anything. Thank Heavenly Father for all of the blessings He has given you, both small and large. I love you all so much and I will talk to you next week! 

Sister Kaylee Applegate
Some pretty trees. When the leaves do change here it's beautiful! 

"Smoking-It's a dangerous road." Man I wish this house had had a cigarette on the ground nearby... pretty much the only one that didn't! Haha. That's a good thing though. 

Decorations we did at the Bells'. 

This town really is festive! They have lights on the streets, the courthouse has wreaths all over, it's a cute little town! We want to take a picture by the town's little kaboose that's decorated all festive too. Pictures to come! :) 


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