Sunday, March 15, 2015

Full Week!

Howdy Y'all!

Man, there are a lot of rednecks here. Hahaha. But this week was full--full of lessons, meeting new people-just busy! I'll just give you a run-down of the main things that happened this week.

So we went back to see these potential investigators named Brenda and Eugene. Brenda is 48 and Eugene is around that age too. Brenda fell about a year and a half ago and really did some damage to her spine and is basically on bed rest at times she can stay down. Turns out Eugene helped build our church building but never saw it completed or has been inside. They both really want to go. We dropped off a Book of Mormon a few days later and they've been reading it, so that's awesome! Brenda said it really takes something interesting for Eugene to read and he's been reading it. Then we went back on Saturday and brought our recent convert, Cindy with us. It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! This is why members need to be involved!!!! Oh my goodness. All she did basically was share her testimony and everything clicked for Brenda. She said she can't believe a church like this or people so kind even exist. We talked about her being able to get a priesthood blessing and everything seemed to be just what she needed. Then I was looking in the index of the BoM for a scripture dealing with trials and stuff and found a verse I thought was okay in Alma 38 and decided to read the whole chapter with her. K, so not random! TOTALLY the Spirit guiding that one! It was so perfect for Brenda, but even more so for Sister Wood with things she's been thinking about and going through. Thank you, Spirit! :) 

We met this 86 year old woman named Merleen who goes to a Methodist church (I think that church prepares people for ours more than a Pentecostal one, so I was glad when she said that) and the inside of her house kind of reminds me of Grandma Sperry's with the wood and stuff so it felt nice to be there. The last meeting wasn't as good as the first but hopefully we'll still be able to work with her. 

We went to see Skyla and she had her neighbor and her two kids over so said it wasn't a good time, but then decided to let us in anyway to meet her. The lady's name is Letha and her daughter is probably about 14, her name is Ambrosia. It was just a miracle to me though because Skyla told us to go ahead and teach and she helped and come to find out it is super rare for Letha to be at Skyla's--Skyla always goes over to her house. But the night we decide to go over, Letha is there. I told Skyla thank you for being a part of a miracle and I think she really thought of it as that too. The experience was a lot cooler than I just made it sound, haha.

Okay, coolest family ever we just found. We stuck to our weekly planning and decided to tract this apartment complex that I have been to before. Seriously, the THIRD door we knocked on was a miracle! This woman probably in her 20s with bright pink hair opened the door and I thought she was going to turn us away but told her boyfriend William to come to the door and he let us in and committed to come to church before we even told them anything about the church!! Holy moly, he is so prepared!!! They have a two year old son named Hunter and we taught them the restoration and William really wants this, for his family. He told us that Diane went to church basically for like the first time a couple months ago and came home looking happier than he had ever seen her, but her parents bashed it and she hasn't been back to any church since. The lesson went great and then we asked them if we could kneel down and say a prayer with them. We invited William to say it and he told us he's never prayed. He did pray though, and it was AWESOME! The Spirit was so strong. He is so sincere and earnestly desiring the gospel. We've met with them twice and both times he told us we may not know it, but we've made such a good impact in their lives. He said "We've made a big dent in his small family. " Ahh!!! I'm so stoked! Something came up yesterday so they couldn't come to church, but they will! And when we took them each a Book of Mormon they were so excited. William asked if it would be something good to read to Hunter, even though he may not understand a ton. Uhh, yeahh!!!! Kids understand way more than we think. Oh this guy is too good to be true! Haha. We told him that is the best thing he can do, and how it will bless his family so much. Oh I just can't wait to go back again and again!!!!! :)

There was a lot of good that happened this week, and I am grateful for it. Excited for this week as well! They have something in Georgia called "Peaches to Beaches" with is basically a humungo yard sale all the way down Golden Isles Expressway--down to the coast. Everyone sells everything--the young women are doing their fundraiser doing a yard sale and a bake sale and we're setting up a booth next to them to meet more people and let them know who the Mormons are and what we really believe :) They said the missionaries had a lot of success last year so we are pretty excited. We'll give away some dvds and pictures of Christ probably but I'm not sure what else but hopefully we figure it out soon... :) 

Something I've really learned in life is that you can't stay in your comfort bubble. Sister Wood told me a quote that goes with that-- "Nothing's going to change if you change nothing." That can apply to everything. Experience=Change. You have to change things in your life to experience life. The biggest change for me was moving out of Utah, something I was always nervous about doing because Utah is my comfort zone. But with that experience, so much about me has changed. I've learned and have grown so much and I am thankful for every bit of it! You really do have to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, in life for sure, but with school, sports, everything. That experience is what benefits the most. 

Well, that's about all I got for this week. Happy anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Applegate, and happy birthday to Shea and Michelle! And everyone else who I can't remember! :) I really do love you and pray for you all all the time! I hope you have a wonderful week and find joy in every day. Keep "Macon' Miracles" wherever you may be :) 

All my love,
Sister Applegate

So you can't really see them, but on two streets we walked down we saw like 50 frogs. They are EVERYWHERE! Or were that night :)

Always stay on the Strait and Narrow path! :) 

My friend sent a picture where he did this so I decided to copy. Haha. This is one of my favorite scriptures, made a big impact on my life. The Book of Mormon is true, it really is God's word! In it you will find answers to prayers. :)


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