Sunday, April 12, 2015

CONFERENCE!!!!!!! Happy Easter! :)

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope you all watched General Conference, it gets better and better every time!!! It really was so amazing, a lot stuck out to me and I can't wait to get the Ensign so I can mark everything, because I didn't have time to write down all I wanted to that they said! It was great though. William was able to come to the church for one of the sessions and Josh was able to watch it at his Aunt's house. Lives are changing and it is so cool to witness all the progress everyone is making here in their individual lives! It honestly brings me so much joy, I love it. 

So last week like I said we met with President Cottle and he said we would be doing an early transfer. He told us that Sister Wood would be going to Aiken, SC but that he didn't know with who yet. On Tuesday he called us and said we would be doing the switch on Wednesday--Sister Wood would be going to Aiken with the awesome Sister Jeppson, and her companion, Sister Ellison, would be coming to Hazlehurst with me. He was doing this to give Sister Wood a new experience for many reasons but had she stayed the last two weeks of the transfer here, we know I'm getting transferred so that means two brand new missionaries would have had to have been brought in so President was inspired to do this early transfer so that Sister Ellison could get to know the area and the people in two weeks before I leave, so that at least the people will be a little familiar with somebody. So it was sad and hard and it definitely didn't all work out how I had planned (me training Sister Wood and her staying here), but at least it is working out. Heavenly Father has His hand it in all and I know everything will be alright. Sister Ellison is super awesome--I only get to be with her for two weeks so when that happened I was like "great, she'll probably be like my favorite companion too!" haha. She's great though we have a lot of fun. Everyone keeps asking if Sister Wood and I got in a fight or something or what really happened and honestly, I LOVE Sister Wood, she is such a stellar person and missionary! But things have been happening since she came on her mission all pointing to Aiken and I can't wait to see what happens there because the Lord really does need her there. I'm grateful I got to be companions with her, she is incredible. 

This week has been busy! We were on the road most of the day Wednesday to make the switch of companions, but it has been a good week since. I have pictures I'm sending of me with Edgar, Elizabeth and Joey and we saw them a few days after the picture was taken and Joey looks TERRIBLE now. Oh it's so sad. He was given 6 months to live and Elizabeth doesn't think he's going to make it that long. His skin on everywhere but his face is literally purple and dark and it is so hard to see him like that. I hated watching people die as a CNA and I hate it here. But I'll keep these pictures to remember him at least with a little smile, because he definitely doesn't look like that anymore. 

Josh is super awesome, he texted us asking us to please have President Hester call him because he had this distinct thought that said "the answer lies within" and he didn't know what it meant. He said it had been eating him up and we met with him the next day and he had talked to President Hester and said about 5 minutes after he hung up his answer hit him like a ton of bricks--he needed to BELIEVE. Oh it was so awesome to hear him talk about it, he has come so far already. I'm so excited for him.

We got this referral clear back in November or December for this woman named Sheila. Hard background, could really use the gospel. Couldn't track her down. Then a member of the branch gave her us as a referral. Got the address, went over and they said she moved. What?! It had only been a day are you kidding me?! So we looked in the area where they said she moved and weren't having much luck. Then we got a referral for her dad (who we didn't know was her dad) because his wife had just passed. So Sheila's mom as well. Because they use the signs "slow, or quiet death in family" signs we pinpointed them! We've met with Sheila and her dad D.L. twice and they have been incredible meetings!!! Sheila is earnestly seeking this and it is soooo awesome!! Both of them are on date for baptism for May 9th :) Ahh! Meeting with them is so awesome I love them! You don't just get three referrals for the same person so you KNOW Heavenly Father wanted us to see them. I wish we had found them sooner but everything is in the Lord's timing and His timing is always perfect. "The Lord may not come when you want Him, but He's always on time". That was a random quote but seriously people say that alllllllllll the time! The South is great :) 

I do hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Conference weekend. We watched Conference at the church and Annie (recent convert) and her husband Reggie provided Easter dinner in between sessions for us and the elders. It was a day well spent. I don't have my Conference note journal with me or I would tell you some of my favorite quotes... but I got something great from every talk!! Make some time to review the talks for yourself, it is so worth it! I hope you all have the most blessed week this week! Transfer calls are this Saturday, but transfers aren't until next Tuesday so I won't be able to let you know where I am for a couple Mondays. But it will be exciting, half of my mission thus far (7 1/2 of 14 months) have been spent in the small town of Hazlehurst so it will be interesting to see what is next. Life's exciting, hang on tight! :) I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Applegate
Sister Wood, Charlene and I 

Us and Preston

Me with Elizabeth, Joey and Edgar. Probably the best Joey will have looked before he dies.. :(

Last picture with Sister Wood in Hazlehurst. All three that were taken have a super bad glare...

Sister Turner (Mama Duck) sent an Easter/Ducky package to her Ducky!! Love her! :) 

God protects His missionaries because this trailer should make us sick. More than 15 cats, a dog, and it is INFESTED with cockroaches. We spend a lot of time there but have not gotten sick yet (knock on wood) haha. Some living conditions make me ill it is so sad to see how some people live

My companion for two weeks, Sister Ellison! She just came from being with Sister Jeppson who I love! We have a lot of fun, I will definitely miss her too even though I won't get to know her super well. She is from North Idaho, almost Canada. My fourth companion in this area, holy cow. Haha

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