Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello! This is Kaylee’s best friend, Haylie. There is one month until Kaylee leaves for her mission! I would just like to take a minute and write how truly grateful I am for Kaylee and her influence in my life.

Kaylee and I have been best friends since 5th grade. It’s amazing our friendship has lasted this long! We both went our separate ways for high school but stayed in touch and talked frequently. After all those years there was no way a school was going to tear us apart. Even if we were rivals. ;) We have been there to cheer on each other in whatever adventure we were going through.

Now, it’s her time to shine.

Kaylee has been waiting for her time to serve a mission for as long as I can remember. When the age change happened back in 2012, she texted me and said that her “prayers had been answered.” This was such a blessing in her life.
Kaylee is probably one of the most caring and selfless people I know. She always thinks of others and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and share the gospel and her testimony—especially with people who are not members of the Church. I wish I had the courage that she does. Her testimony is so strong, it’s unbelievable. Kaylee is one of the most spiritual people I know. She is so in tune to the Holy Ghost. It guides her in her life. She has already been an incredible missionary and she hasn’t even left yet.
 She is such a strong person and I know I can rely on her for anything. She will follow through with things, and will give it her all, in any part of her life. I’ve never known her to back down from a challenge, she faces it head-on. She got me to realize some of the important things in my life. She opened my eyes.
We’ve been through so much together, but now it’s time to let her fly. From our first dates, first crushes, high school dances, softball games, late nights, Oakcrest, telling secrets, crying together, and laughing our heads off, up to graduation and a mission call, we have been the best of friends. Sisters. I’m going to miss my best friend, but I’m so excited to see where the Lord takes her as she starts her new adventure in Macon, Georgia. All I can say is THEY better be preparing for her.
Sister Kaylee Applegate, You will be an amazing missionary! You are going to change people’s lives, and if you let it, it will change your life too. I love your guts! Know that there will be many people back home praying for you, including me!
Forever your best friend, through thick and thin, across the nation,

Haylie Anne:)

P.S. I am so excited that I get to share her experiences through this blog as I take over and post her letters and pictures each week.

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