Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hello everyone!!

Guess what?! We had a baptism!!  I'm so excited to share everything with y'all! SO. We were all stressed about Natalie getting baptized because we needed to find her dad's records so we could see if we could take care of some things and he could have the priesthood and be able to baptize her and after much prayer and fasting, everything worked out! We got a text from our Bishop last Tuesday saying they had his records and he and Natalie were interviewed on Wednesday. So the baptism wasn't a for sure thing until Wednesday night, but once it was we ran with it! We were like chickens running around with our heads chopped off. Natalie's dad didn't end up baptizing her, but it was still a really special day. Natalie was TERRIFIED to get in the water and was crying and kept saying she only wanted her dad to baptize her. She said Elder Thiel was going to hold her under water--sound familiar, dad? ;) Just kidding! But she did end up getting in the water and after she came up out of the water, she had the best, most pure, biggest smile on her face! It was the greatest thing in the world to witness and I couldn't have been more happy. Her mother and cousin were there and she is such an example to them, I know she will bring them into the gospel. Her mom actually asked us if we could still come over because she has questions and doesn't want to teach Natalie the wrong things and we were like "heck yeah! We're not going to leave you guys hanging!" When Natalie was confirmed on Sunday she was given a blessing saying she is a bright light and she totally is, she's helping her mom to find the truth by her example. Yay! We're stoked to meet with them again this week. 

Another miracle happened--Bradley's getting baptized on Friday!!!!! We're having back-to-back baptisms!! We love Bradley to death and I don't think I could be any more excited for Friday to come. To see him standing, dressed in white, AHHH!! I honestly love talking to him, and then when he brings up the first night we met him when we came walking into PetSmart with our bright green hula hoop, ah man he's never going to forget that experience, and neither will we. We'll definitely have to remember to bring the hula hoop on Friday and take a picture with it, it's an awesome memory. We actually found out this week that Bradley has cancer and the elders were able to give him a priesthood blessing yesterday. Coolest thing ever!! He was literally given a blessing of healing and was also told that the Lord is and is going to use Bradley as a tool in His hands to bless the lives of many and bring them into the gospel. Nailed it! Bradley is going to do incredible things, I have no doubt. And I feel so honored to be one of "his missionaries". :)

Sorry there's not a lot to say this week, I get to Skype y'all on Sunday anyways! I guess one other kinda cool thing that happened was Tuesday we had a crazy thunderstorm and the apartment complex next to ours got struck by lightning and caught fire. We had heard all the sirens, didn't realize they were coming to our street. It's way sad though, everyone is still evacuated while things are taken care of. I guess the blessing is it wasn't our building and I don't believe anyone is hurt... but we can't watch the news either so I don't know. I'm out of time though so I'll try and hurry and load some pictures from this week and I will talk to y'all soon! Love you! 

Congrats to all my cousins who had babies too, I wish I could hold them!! Hope you are all doing well!

Much love, 
Sister Applegate

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