Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!


It was so fun talking to family yesterday!! Doesn't seem like anyone has changed, just Whitney physically :) I'm glad everyone is doing well and that you got to meet my amazing missionary friends before they leave! So everyone else knows, transfer calls were Saturday night and Sister Turner and Elder Thiel are being transferred so we'll all be in Macon tomorrow and I will have a new companion come tomorrowafternoon... I never thought I had anxiety but now I'm thinking maybe I do! Ha ha. 

We did have some amazing miracles this week, the name of the miracle is Bradley. That guy, the only word to describe him is AWESOME. His baptism was on Friday and the service was so great. He always seemed to be gleaming but seeing him dressed in white and then come out of the water, oh my goodness it was the best moment of my entire life. You really could feel his ancestors there-they have been waiting so long and now Bradley is the start of everything and can begin all the work for his family. Bradley himself said how he has been waiting for more than 12 years to find the truth and now that he has it, he just wants all he can get. I have never seen anyone so ready to receive and literally try and learn EVERYTHING they can as fast as possible. The elders are teaching a woman named Mary and elders have been teaching her for a very long time and this past week everything has clicked for her. She called me and talking to her was so amazing too--she kept telling me that me and the elders do not understand what we have-how powerful and wonderful the gospel is-and she is so converted and ready to be baptized now. She just kept asking why everyone in the world doesn't see how great this is, how do they not know?? I love her enthusiasm because I told her this is why we're out here! The greatest knowledge/power/blessings/happiness anyone could ever have in life lies within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that is why we're out here to show everyone we can that. Every person deserves to know, they deserve the peace and happiness it brings. If you have it, share it!

I don't have much else to share this week, it's been a great one and we're all just super nervous for this upcoming week. I hope these pictures will upload so you can see! First ones are of Bradley's baptism. I don't know if I explained the hula hoop thing yet. When we first met Bradley, we walked into PetSmart carrying that hula hoop. Random to y'all, but it made sense for us. He told us he'll never forget the night the two girls came walking in to his store playing with the hula hoop. So of course we had to get a picture with it at the baptism. We wrote a couple notes on it and gave it to him as a gift. The biggest thing for him and finding the gospel is him saying "It's good to be home." so on one part of it we wrote "Welcome HOME!!!" We also made a little book for him with pictures from the baptism and notes that everyone in attendance wrote. We did the same for Natalie and both treasure it so much, it's so awesome. Bradley's face is all the pictures is my favorite though, just look at his smile! This guy is special. Definitely a friend of mine from the pre-existence, I feel like I've known him forever and I don't plan on ever losing contact with him. Other pictures are Elder Thiel and a man named John from our ward; me and the greatest, most witty and sarcastic woman, Sister Oldham; one but not the last picture of Sister Turner and I; and then the fam bam on Skype! 

Have a wonderful week everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, looks like Grandma Applegate and Grandma Sperry Atwood and Whitney did as well! I did get the super cute notes from the Burtons and Justin and Gavin and I will be writing back soon, I promise! Y'all made my day! Talk to you all soon!

Much love, 
Sister Applegate :)

This is Alex!! He's moving to Alabama for college this week so we're losing him as an sad because he's amazing! I pray that he'll continue meeting with missionaries because the gospel has already been a blessing to his life. And I hope when he makes it into the NFL he remembers Sister Turner and I ;) Had to get a picture with him before he left so here it is! I'm gonna miss this guy

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