Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Start of a Crazy Month

Hey family and friends!

June will definitely be a crazy month. Friends and family leaving on missions, others coming home, it's so exciting!! It should also be busy and exciting here in Albany as well, we're finding more people to teach and hopefully we'll see a lot of progression this month! We don't have anyone scheduled to be baptized, but that's totally fine by me, I'd rather people progress and move forward at their own pace. Transfers are on the 24th I believe, so if I do get transferred I'll be sad to leave all the great people we're working with behind, but I know no matter what happens they will be in great hands. Y'all are going to miss an awesome sacrament meeting in a couple weeks, I get to talk again AND they want the missionaries to sing. We're going to let the elders overpower us in that one... :)

The other day we met one of our investigator's sons, he's 12 years old and his name is Chea. Yeah, this kid is going to be a Bishop and more someday. He is so into learning and excited about the Church. He and his mom came to church yesterday and things went really well, so we're excited. These young kids are showing that they are leaders for their families and it's families that we need to find and strengthen so this is awesome for us. 

This may be my shortest letter yet! Sorry, not a ton has happened this week. We're going to start *hopefully* teaching a family tonight that has been taught in the past so I'm praying that they'll all want to get baptized, how cool would it be to baptize a whole family??! Honestly though, family is what this work is all about. We're teaching an elderly lady named Jane and she grew up Baptist and Episcopalian and when we introduced to her that families are forever, she was so taken back. She has been taught that you'll be able to see loved ones after you die and such, but the more she talked about it, she's been taught that death is the end, and it's not! The idea of being with her family forever blew her mind and really touched her heart-the Spirit touched her heart because it was bearing witness to her that our words were true. A very cool moment if you ask me :)  

Other than that, there's just other stresses of the mission that I won't share right now. Did I tell you our car got hit? Again? So lame. I'm so glad I'm not the vehicle coordinator, that would be a stressful job. Things just pile up, but there are always good moments to keep you sane! :) 

I hope everyone is doing well, I miss and love you! I will talk to you again soon!!

All my love, 
Sister Applegate

I saw this bumper sticker on a truck at our apartment complex and thought of dad. :)

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