Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hi Everyone!!

Guess what?! I became a mom in the mission yesterday!! Wahoo!! I am training a new missionary and she is awesome! Her name is Sister Wood, she is from North Salt Lake, Utah. :) It is so great! On Saturday I was so worried they were going to call my name on the conference call and take me out of Hazlehurst and then they didn't and then they read the list of names of trainers and they called my name! I think this was the first transfer meeting I was excited for :) Two sisters came in this transfer, my kiddo is here to stay and the other sister is waiting on her Visa for Italy. So I guess I won't be learning Italian this transfer.... but it's all good! Hopefully I'll stay for the full training here. Looks like I really will spend 7 1/2 months in Hazlehurst, hahaha. The scary thing is after that I will only have three transfers left. THREE! Where does the time go??!! But anyway, no looking ahead and worrying, I just get to enjoy training and being a Mama :) This has been my wish for a long time and it is already the greatest experience, I am learning/will learn so much. This will really help me be a better missionary, I'm excited for the challenge! 

This last week was pretty crazy, the mission said goodbye to some awesome missionaries, Sister Thomas included. She headed to Macon on Sunday so I spent Sunday and Monday in Douglas with Sister Christensen and Sister Taylor and we had a blast. I met some awesome people there that are so ready for the gospel. On Monday night Sister Christensen was saying goodbye to a member because she was being transferred and we started talking and the lady said she knew mom because of the Missionary Moms Facebook page so it was just another instance showing us what a small world we live in! She took a picture with me and said she was sending it to mom so I'm sure she's heard something by now :) 

I don't have a ton to report on with investigators here since I was gone, but I will talk about a few! We taught Rachelle last week and the lesson was kind of 'eh' but then at the end of it we started talking about enduring to the end and she almost started crying--she had been having all these trials and struggles just bombard her the days leading up to then and she said she knew we came just for her to share that with her. Wow. Expect miracles! Heavenly Father prepares people so well for us and we have to know that He is doing that and expect to answer prayers every time we talk with people, because most of the time we do! I hope that experience will help Rachelle see that we are representatives of the Lord and to really have the desire to learn and progress and come to church. 

Brother Martin and Brother Henderson from the branch presidency also came with us to give Jean a blessing this past week. It was super cool. Her friend Wanda was there as well who Jean gave to us as a referral but Wanda was having a really hard day when we called and said she didn't want to talk to anyone. When we met her in person that day you could tell she has been through so much. When Brother Martin and Brother Henderson explained what the blessing was and how it worked Wanda said she wanted one too and so they gave her one as well. Wanda goes to another church and when her child or someone was really sick she asked the Pastor to lay hands on his head and give him a blessing because she knew that was in the Bible and the Pastor said that that doesn't need to happen anymore--Wanda knew that wasn't true though. She said she begged and begged and the Pastor wouldn't do it. I hope when she got a blessing by the priesthood authority that it sparked something, because it really is true. We have an appointment to see her later this week so hopefully I will have a good update for all of you next week! 

I don't have too much more to report on, but it was a good week! And this week will be crazy busy just like it. Too much to do and not enough time in the day to do it all :) I am so excited to be a trainer though and see Sister Wood grow in the mission. She is really overwhelmed right now and just trying to take everything in and I know exactly how she feels :) haha. It will be great she is starting out in a very special place with very special people :) 

Oh, if I remember, I'll send home a picture of what we did at our Relief Society enrichment activity last night. We read the Parable of the Pear Tree and its focus was on enjoying the journey and finding joy in every season of life. We finger painted pear trees and mine looks atrocious, hahahaha. I finger painted like we were supposed to but a lot of the women just painted theirs and they looked super good... they're going to hang them all up outside the Relief Society room.... hahaha. They had us sign them and I really wanted to put a primary kid's name on it. Now I know why my 8th grade art teacher wrote "good effort" on my sketchpad we kept during the semester. Haha. But hey, it reminds me of a quote I like: "When you accept your flaws, no one can use them against you." I'm not an artist, therefore, I can laugh at myself. Same with cooking :) Everyone has different talents in life, it's just up to us to find and develop them! Parable of the talents, look it up. ;) 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!! I will talk to y'all soon!

Forever and Always,
Sister Applegate :)

My time in Douglas!

We did FHE with this awesome family. Nathan just got baptized like 2 weeks ago and he has an awesome wife named Amber. They have two kids, Logan and Kira. Kira loves new people so I was the favorite that night and we had so much fun! :) 

Sister Christensen, Sister Taylor and I

Poem for Georgia. Seriously though....

I get to train! Meet my kiddo! :)

 Our whole mission after the Conference with Elder Neil L. Andersen at the Macon Mall for lunch :)

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