Saturday, January 31, 2015

Like Mother Like Daughter :)

Hey Y'all!

So a couple days after Sister Wood got here, she was cooking breakfast for herself and the skillet she was using got super hot and she needed to move it (she was telling me this story after it happened) so she said she grabbed the nearest thing to push the pan over--well, that "nearest thing" happened to be a roll of paper towels. Can you guess what happened next? Yep. It caught fire. Luckily she was right next to the sink and was able to put it out before coming in the other room laughing to tell me. It reminded me of when I was in training in Albany and I was cooking and lit the pan on fire. Like mother like daughter ;) Sometimes we have the greatest stories... hahaha. I love Sister Wood she keeps me entertained! 

This week was really good though! We were in a grocery store contacting some people, just trying to introduce the gospel to them. I wanted Sister Wood to take the lead to learn and she really is outgoing and does super well teaching with me, but she was nervous to approach people. But there was a lady she pointed out and said I could go talk to her, haha. She was wearing scrubs so I went up and started talking to her about her job and one thing led to another and it was a super good conversation! Her name is Angie and we have an appointment with her tomorrow evening. I'm really excited it went so well and we are definitely looking for people who sincerely want to learn! My kid's got a good eye ;) 

Ready for the best news ever?! So we've been going over to try and teach Joey and he's been sick and in bed a lot, so we've been visiting with his parents, Edgar and Elizabeth. We usually only share things from the Bible because "they're Baptist" and they always pull away when we try and say anything else. However, I've had a talk by Elder Bednar called "Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease" I've been carrying around for a while that I've wanted to share with Joey. He was in bed the last time we visited and I decided to just share it with Edgar and Elizabeth since I had it and wanted to use it. I hadn't read over it recently so as we were reading it started talking about Alma in the Book of Mormon and I got a little nervous. But, we'd already started. So we kept going and when we finished Elizabeth was like "I have a question. Who is Alma? I picked up your Mormon book the other day and started reading and I didn't know who Alma was." What?! SHE READ FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON!  A Southern Baptist! Ah I was soooo happy!!!! She just opened up to a random page in the middle and started reading so of course she didn't understand who Alma was, but we explained the story the talk was talking about and it was just so awesome. This is why you never ever give up on people--I've known Elizabeth since September/October and we've been able to teach a few different things, but she totally pushed away from hearing the gospel that we share--until just a couple days ago. Now I don't want to rule out the possibility of her getting baptized in this life because I know that things are in God's hands and He can do whatever He wants. :) It was such a miracle though, what a wonderful day. 

We also saw Landon and his mom Charlyse this week, and Landon's little brother, Lockland. Landon is 11 and is an investigator. He's been having a rough time with family relationships and such and this week we taught them about Lehi's dream. I know you learn something new every day because the meaning of Lehi's dream really hit me hard this time. We were able to make the connection of how Charlsye is like Lehi, who has gone through so much in her life but wants to cling to the Church and God's love and because she really does know what that "fruit" tastes like, she desires all of her kids to partake of it. The kids are kind of rebelling but we talked to Landon about how they're a team-how we're a team. We're on one team, God's team, and we are all fighting against the same opponent: Satan. We can't fight against each other because we ARE a TEAM and we NEED to work TOGETHER. We played a "unity" game the next night where the five us of stood in a circle and criss-crossed arms and then had to untangle ourselves. It was a good game to show teamwork and we had a lot of fun with it :) It was the night we talked about Lehi's dream that I was so lost in my own mind, hardly able to concentrate on everyone in the room. All I could think about, with everything that is going on with this family, was how much I loved them and how I honestly did not know how to help them. There are a lot of hard things they are going through and I know they have to figure a lot of things out for themselves but I want to help them. That night once again taught me that being a missionary is not easy. I'm grateful that it isn't because there is no growth or strength without struggle, but I really do know that I need my Heavenly Father and my Savior. Without Them, I am nothing. I know They will provide, and that everything works out when you love people the way our Heavenly Father and our Savior do. Sometimes you don't realize how much you are capable of loving people, and how much your heart will grown and expand. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the universe. 

All in all it was a pretty good week. Also, Heavenly Father answers prayers. I already knew that, but He showed me once again that He cares about even the little things. This week I lost my tag--the actual tag and that magnet that holds it on. How anyone loses both pieces I have no idea, but I found it. I had lost it in a member's car and the magnet piece outside of her car when we helped her grocery shop. But after many prayers, it was found and I am wearing it again :) Haha. I'm glad I have two tags though :) But Heavenly Father really does hear and answer us. If you don't know it for yourself, find out! :) 

There is so much to look forward to in my area and I'm so excited for the next couple months here! February and March will be crazy but I am so excited for it all :) 

I hope all is well back home, wherever you all may be! Thank you for the support and prayers, y'all are in my prayers as well! Love you!!!


Sister Applegate
Sister Wood trying to burn our house down....

A rap written by a 9 year old :) Made me smile!

Quote I liked :)

District Meeting/Funeral for Elder Greene and Sister Thomas

Rachelle and I 

Carolyn and I 

Sister Turner (my trainer) wrote me and the APs had to forward it so they had to black out some of what she wrote, so Elder Poti rewrote what she wrote on the envelope onto a post-it note. Can you guess what he may have added? He is the funniest!! Gotta get clever to get him 20 "bucks" :) 

Me with Vonda, William and Patricia. William is so petite and fragile but I just love him! 

Preston and I 

 Jean and I

Me with a cute little kid named Matthew

"Another one bites the dust!" Sister Thomas returned home with honor!


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