Friday, May 1, 2015

God Be with You Till We Meet Again... :(

Hey everyone,

This week has been a little hard. President Cottle called me on Thursday and told me he had heard from Sister Ellison in Hazlehurst and wanted me to know that Joey, who I had worked with for the 7 months I was there, passed away that day. That was a hard phone call. We didn't know why he was calling and while it was ringing we were trying to decide who he was calling for and my heart was just pounding. Then when he said "Sister Applegate.." my heart just dropped. We talked a little about Joey and I told him I am sure his parents and aunt will pass soon now that he is gone. So I'm bracing myself for that. I feel so strongly that that family is a HUGE part of the reason I went to Hazlehurst. I have so many memories with them, emotional ties that are now eternal. I love that family and miss them dearly. When I was getting ready to leave Joey had received the news that he only had 6 months left and Elizabeth (his mother, who is 92) was crying so hard, holding my hands and she was like "Why, when I need you the most, are you leaving??" As you can imagine that broke my heart-shattered it! It made me so sad. All of them have been on my mind constantly since that call and my thoughts and prayers are continually directed towards them. It really won't be long before his aunt and parents pass. One day I'll see them again. 

The rest of our week has been pretty good. It's so different being in a bigger ward. Well, a ward. I guess compared to Utah it's not that big haha. I like it though. The members are getting more involved with missionary work and it's super awesome. One guy gave us some great referrals yesterday and we drove to Byron to check one out and I guess he's like 90 but the guy in our ward said he was teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and the guy started crying. Super open. We think he was asleep when we went over so we didn't get a hold of him, but we'll try again later. The man from our ward was really impressed with our fast action though and grateful for the work we are doing-he texted us and told us we were "Ballers" and that we were awesome for magnifying our calling because we only get this chance to be full-time missionaries at this age and time once. So yeah, we're ballers!!! Haha. Never been called that on my mission before! :) 

This week should be great as well. Elder Zwick of the Seventy is coming and so Sister Anderson and I will get to be in the Mission Leadership Council with him on Wednesday, a leadership training that night, and then again for a Zone Conference on Friday. I feel like we're about to be chastened a lot. Hahaha. But really I am excited for his counsel and advice and to put them in practice, I know he's here to help us become better missionaries. 

Should be a good week! I hope you all have a good one as well, make every day the best day ever! Attitude changes everything. When we have trials, God sees us fit to grow. Take advantage of that.
Love you all lots and I will talk to you next week! 

Sister Applegate
This is the Spanish elders' ride. Someone ran into it and the bike rack shattered their back window. Haha. Not funny... 

Cereal on rollback at Walmart!! Pahaha. "You had one job..." :)

"Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Air Force Appreciation Day"

Sister Grove and I, a recent convert in this area. She is awesome! :)

Sister Grove, Sister Anderson and I 

We had severe thunder and lightning on Saturday. Knocked down the gate to this gated community! We live in a gated community too (spoiled, I know) but luckily our gate stayed standing :)


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