Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kids #2

Hey Y'all!!!

Guess what?! I'm training again!!! Yippee! President says he doesn't like how we refer to trainees as our "kids" or "daughter" or how we call ourselves their "mom" or "dad", but I think it's so fun!!! Haha. Sister Turner you're a grandma once again! Hahahaha. 

This week was so awesome!! We had a lot of wonderful things happen. We are teaching an awesome family; Rhonda is the mom and she has two sons, Eric and Carlos. We've been teaching them and they all came to our Book of Mormon class and church, they are all on date to be baptized on July 18th!! :) I can't wait. We're also teaching a lady named Shanara and her 8 year old daughter Seriyha. Shanara came to our Relief Society activity and church, and she brought her friend Cortney to both! We haven't taught Cortney anything yet, but I think we'll be able to! :) 

Things have just been good in every aspect. We reached almost all of our goals again this week, 8/9 that we set. President Cottle texted and said way to go, and that we're setting records. The work here is picking up and it is awesome! So fun to be here and be a missionary. 

We're still working with Chelsea and she relapsed with smoking on day three, but she is going once again and if she is still smoke free today then we will have her victory party tomorrow :) Pray for her! If she slipped again though, we'll just start again. She can beat this, we know she can. 

Looks like this will probably be super short, but I have a lot of pictures I need to send to people. All you guys included! :) But Sister Anderson's camera is super old so she had me take her goodbye pics so I gotta send them to her. She is awesome and is now headed to the YSA (Young Single Adult) branch in Valdosta. Should be fun!

Oh by the way, my new companion is Sister Walker! She is from Modesto, California. She will be a wonderful addition to Warner Robins and the Georgia Macon Mission and I am so excited to work with her! :) 

I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!!! Remember Romans 8:31 "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?" SO TRUE! This is God's work and NOTHING can stop it!!

Love you much!
Here's a joke for y'all--

Why do missionaries have such big bladders?



Because they only have one 'P' day!!!

Hahahaha. Knee slapper! ;)

Keep smiling! :)

Sister Applegate! :)

Sign in a store for Father's day! Sister Anderson and I added our own :)

Mugs I wanted to get for dad. 

Sister Anderson and I


Last District Meeting of last transfer

We sticky-noted a member's bathroom mirror when they had us over for dinner-it was so funny. I told them I had to go to the bathroom... but I really didn't. Hehe. When she found me the next day she was like "yeah I figured that out." Haha. I love them! :)

I'm still trying to get a good picture of this bus. But in case I never do, here you go. "Heaven Bound" church bus :) 

Sister Friar! She is so NICE!!! She gave me her Red Sox Championship tshirt!! Ah! I love her!!!!

Sister Kozak and I :) Love her too! 

Rockin' the work! 

Me, Sister Anderson, and Sister Fullerton who stayed with us for the weekend when her companion went home

Last pic with Sister Anderson

Sister Anderson always leaves notes behind :) 

This is Sister Rhoden and she reminds me sooo much of Aunt Kathy! Hi Aunt Kathy!! :) 


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