Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dying in Warner Robins! :)


So we (well, I) had our last transfer call this past weekend I will be staying in Warner Robins until the end! Dying as a missionary here :) All of the sisters in our zone will be training and since Sister Walker is the only one who has been here a transfer, we will be the sister training leaders for the zone. I was so close to getting out of it!!! Hahaha. One more though :) I think she's pretty proud to be one while still in training :) But I get to see Sister Taylor and Sister Brizzee (both from my MTC district) because they are STLs too!! I'm excited for the reunion at our next leadership meeting! 

This week was good, we found an awesome new lady to teach named Marie. She has no idea why she moved here and as she explained her story it was so easy to tell that she was here to find the gospel. Booyah! She has two teenage kids that live at home but they didn't sit in for the first lesson. As we were teaching Marie I was just praying that as she would look at us, she would see us glow because that could be something to testify to her that our message was good, and it's just stinkin' cool when people tell us we glow, haha. So I was praying for that in my heart and she told us she could just see something special in us--that she did when we knocked on her door and that's why she invited us back. Boom baby. Got her. :) Oh and another cool thing about her, she works at the Marriott hotel as a maid and that hotel chain is run by someone who is LDS and so they have Books of Mormon along with Bibles in their drawers. Haha. The things God gives us.... I love it. 

On Tuesday President and Sister Cottle did a youth fireside at a member's house in our area and after it ended we went to get some Books of Mormon that we had asked them to bring. We talked to them for about a half hour and it was so fun. We're supposed to be in by 9 unless we're teaching a lesson, then by 9:30 so at 9:24 I looked at President and was like "Man, we sure would love to stay, but we have a curfew so we must be going ;)" and he just laughed. We were parked in a driveway and as missionaries we have to back each other up but President told Sister Walker she could get in and he would back me. In my head I was like "Noooo!!!!" hahaha. Made me nervous but he said thanks for not running him over and patted me on the back and we left :) They are so awesome I can't imagine a better mission president and wife!!

We had exchanges this week and Sister Cattin came to Warner Robins with me and we got to teach Whitney and her son Marquis and her other kids. We taught the Restoration using a visual cup lesson because Marquis wasn't there when we first taught Whitney. I asked Marquis if he had been reading in the Book of Mormon and he was all excited and said yes and I asked him what he thought about it--he said it was funny and just laughed. He showed me where he was reading and he had probably only read a few verses from where we had left off but hey, if he's enjoying it, then I'm happy :) He is so stinkin' cute I'll have to get a picture with them so y'all can see. 

The 4th was good here, we were on lock-down again :) But some members invited us over for lunch and they did a little BBQ, we got to see Rhonda, Eric and Carlos and finish up the last lesson they needed to be taught before baptism, and then the Ramseys took us to Dairy Queen for ice cream :) After that we had lock-down and the transfer call, we were shocked at the elders they are taking from our area but Heavenly Father has a plan and we know things will be well. 

Other than that things are great here! We're scheduling interviews for baptisms and it is just so fun :) I hope y'all had a great 4th of July and that this week is great too! Happy birthday to Jaycee this week! And Carter next week!!! Love you guys!!!

"Humility, faith, and the influence of the Holy Spirit will always be elements of every quest for truth." -Elder Holland

I was also very sad to hear of the passing of President Boyd K. Packer this week, his family is in my prayers, please continue to keep them in yours as well. I guess Elder Perry's wish came true, passing through the veil before him :) What great men.

With love,
Sister Applegate

PS The Book of Mormon is true 100 percent. I was reading about how the world is so wicked and all this stuff and then we heard about things happening in the news and then my only thought was "oh my gosh we're going to die." I'm at more peace with the gospel, but holy cow, go read the Book of Mormon! Every word of it is true. 

We went to the Warner Robins Museum of Aviation last Pday with about half of our zone. It was fun!




Elder Shelton took my camera. :) 


Last district meeting-we always go to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat

A church for you! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!! :)

Lockdown! We have a third sister staying with us so we got to mess around with the air mattress :) 

Sister Kozak picked Sister Anderson up and took her to the mission home for her last night as a missionary and she brought her by to say goodbye! I'm going to miss that girl! :) 


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