Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good Week! :)

Hey Everyone!

So I have a funny story for y'all. Mostly for you Applegates. We were teaching our investigator Whitney this past week and her kids. I was sitting next to her five year old daughter named Jakira on the couch. We were getting ready to read out of the Book of Mormon and Jakira kind of ran her finger over my nose and was like "Why is your nose so big?" Hahahahaha. Oh man, it was so funny. I looked at Whitney and she gave her this death glare, haha. I told her it was fine, I knew my nose was big ;) So.... that's my funny story for the week. I have the Applegate nose and people notice :) 

Last Sunday Albert ended up in the hospital with stomach/pancreas problems and he called and told us on Monday. We went to visit and the Elders were able to go over later and give him a blessing. We thought it was awesome that Albert would reach out to us and ask for a blessing, what a demonstration of his faith. He had never been given a priesthood blessing or anything. We went back to the hospital a couple days later and asked him about it and he said it felt weird and made the funniest face--it made me laugh. But he said as soon as the blessing ended, the pain that the pain meds weren't able to stop ceased immediately. So cool. I am so grateful for the priesthood power on earth today and those who worthily exercise it. 

Also this past week we got a media referral for a woman named Virginia who requested a Bible. We took it to her and she is AWESOME! We took her a Book of Mormon as well and shared a few things and she grabbed her highlighter and started marking things and it was really good. We went back a few days later and taught her and her 11 year old daughter Danielle. They are so cool! We invited them to be baptized on August 15th and they accepted. Danielle is so cute--very shy but also analytical. Seems older than 11. Virginia wants her to learn things for herself and make her own decisions and I really respect that. Danielle has so much potential for growth. 

In this area we send out a scripture of the day to members and investigators. I read an article in the Ensign during personal study a few days ago and it quoted the scripture 3 Nephi 13:33. It says: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." I really liked it because before that verse the verses before basically tell us not to worry about certain things in our life--Heavenly Father knows what's best for us and things will work out how they are supposed to. It really hit home for me so I decided to send that scripture out. A member replied and said that that was exactly what he had needed and thanked us. Those things make a difference and I am so grateful for the scriptures and words of the prophets and how they do help us--and I am grateful for the Spirit. Since I've been here we've been working with a less active member and I have struggled so much in knowing what she needs. A lot of prayers were offered and we met with her yesterday and I was just praying for the Spirit to be there. As we met with her, a thought popped into my head and I told her what it was and I believe the idea will help her and her family with the situation they are in. I am fully aware also that it wasn't my idea. The Spirit is so amazing and if we live worthy of it, it will lead and guide us in every aspect of our lives, every single day. One of our worst fears should be losing that Spirit. I don't think the quote "You don't know what you had till it's gone" needs to be applied. Just like Jesus Christ didn't have to commit sins to know the sorrowful effects, we don't need to either. We can trust in Him and live in a way that patterns Him where we can learn and grow and gain our eternal reward. 

Anyway, we did have a good week and are looking forward to another one! I hope everyone had good birthdays/anniversaries this week, and I hope y'all have a good 4th of July this weekend! We will be on lock down so have fun for us... haha. I love you guys!!!! Talk to you soon :)

Much love,
Sister Applegate
Decided to change my hair before I got home instead of after... everyone asks Sister Walker and I if we're twins. I don't think we look that alike, but then again I've gotten that with almost every companion. Everything we say is the same so I guess it works :) 

Both Elder Call and Elder Shelton in our ward had their birthdays next week! One Tuesday and one Wednesday so we celebrated :)

There's an area/neighborhood here called the United Estates-found Utah! :) 

Such a California thing. Sister Turner.... cream cheese and salsa to dip your chips in... gross. Sister Turner had me try it but I'd rather just have the salsa. 

The picture for Jayna.... I can't remember if at one point she wanted to do hair so if she did, here you go Jayna! If not, just disregard this... haha

Brother Ramsey and Brother Grove hit their year mark for baptism yesterday and to celebrate, we decided to make them a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a temple--and because we are so SMART, we cut out the dough and baked it. It was good for a laugh, hahaha. We ate those and got smart and baked a normal cookie and then cut the temple shape out after :) So there's our first and second attempts :)

Me with the Ramseys :) 

Me with Brother and Sister Grove :)

Our friend who was just chillin' outside our door... gross. Not going to miss these fellers 


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