Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Like Comin' Home!....

"The hardest thing I ever loved to do, was getting on this plane, and coming home to you"

Hey Y'all!

It was a long few days that ended my journey in Georgia, but how grateful I am for them! Lots of sleep lost, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. We had a great last night spent in the mission home with the best mission president and his wife, the Cottles, and then in the morning we started the trip to the Atlanta airport. Saying goodbye to President and Sister Cottle was so hard, but it gave me a lot of comfort knowing we will see/talk to them soon.

Our flight was only 4 hours, but it felt so long to all of us missionaries on board. Then it seemed even longer when we landed and it took time to get off the flight. I ended up leaving the group of missionaries to run and see my own family :) Cute little Carter, my one and only nephew who was born while I was gone, was the first I ran to hug. What an amazing moment, that little guy is so precious and dear to my heart. Everyone was all smiles as we reunited and it was just a happy moment. It was bittersweet to come home, but I am glad I am here. Pictures speak 1,000 words, so pictures we got!

Saying goodbye to my friends in Georgia

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