Sunday, June 28, 2015

Death Certificate (Don't worry, it's a joke....)

Hey Everyone!!

So on Saturday I got my death certificate in the mail....a.k.a my trunky papers, a.a.k.a my flight info for when I go home. DANG IT!!! Hahaha. There's a couple other Elders in my district that got theirs too and so that was kind of a depressing day. It really does feel like it lists our death date though, pretty depressing.

This week was good though! Not a whole lot of super exciting things happened... we are still working with Rhonda, Eric and Carlos and they are almost ready for baptism! Eric actually left at 4 am today for Scout Camp! Woohoo! 

We finally got to meet with the Heurings again today which was really good too. (Hope for the Heurings, the boys who are going blind). We brought the two oldest boys their own copy of the Book of Mormon and we read 1 Nephi 8 to them and had them draw the different parts to Lehi's dream. It went pretty well I thought, we're going to keep that approach and keep doing different scripture stories with them to get them into the scriptures and have the Spirit in their home. 

Evon wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it to church yesterday but it still doing well. When we met with her earlier last week she said that she's been questioning whether her baptism into the church she's going to now was done by proper authority. And she was talking about how they always lay hands on her and push her down and hurt her and how she doesn't like that. It amazes me the things people do. We're praying that when she goes back to her church one of these Sundays like she's planning, that she'll be able to see and feel the difference from the things we've been teaching and what she experienced when she came two weeks ago. She said she feels so good when we come over and always wants us to share more because the feelings she gets make her happy. Yep! That's what we like! :)

Brother Ramsey is on day 5 with quitting smoking. Day 7 is a huge mile marker and we have some ideas to celebrate that I find pretty hilarious so as long as he makes it and sticks to it you'll see pictures next week! :) He and Sister Ramsey plan on going to the temple towards the end of this year, possibly in October. 

There's not a whole lot more to tell, but we are teaching this referral from a member named Jo. She's kinda crazy.... haha. I can't even tell you about the lessons, it's just weird. We can't tell if she's been drunk when we go over, or if that's just her personality... or maybe a mix of both. I honestly think it's mostly her personality so we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. But she kept hugging us when we first met her and brought her a Book of Mormon because the member said she would get her one and finally just sent us. My journal entries are always longer when we meet with Jo because she definitely gives me stories... haha. We're meeting with her again tonight so it should be an adventure :) 

Other than that things are going well.... Our investigator Whitney is super awesome. She has 4 kids: Marquis (11), Jakira (5), Jazlyn (2), and Jamir who is just a couple of months old. Marquis is the cutest kid and asks such great questions! I think he and his mom will get baptized. All the kids are cute, so smiley. Jazlyn is the most energetic, non-shy girl there is! She cracks us up. I love people and families like this because being with them and teaching is so FUN! There really is joy in the gospel and in being a missionary. 

I hope y'all have a great week!!! Remember, "Your attitude determines your altitude." 

Love you!!!!

Sister Applegate :)

P.S. Sister Walker's best friend's last name is Applegate. Her dad is from England and is a Preacher. Haha, love it :) 

Brother Ramsey really wants to go to the Beach as his reward for quitting smoking, so Sister Walker and I drew him beaches ;) The color at the top right is where we colored over our name tags to sign it, but we probably shouldn't have, mine looks terrible hahaha

Sister T from Hazlehurst sent me and Sister Walker cards for our dads for Father's Day and lots of stickers, haha. I love her! She's the best :) 

Me, Carlos, Eric and Rhonda. Eric, the tallest one, is TWELVE!! 12 years old, can you believe that?! Holy moly....Glad Parker isn't that big being 13, hahahaha

Yesterday at church they gave these giant cookies to all the men for Father's Day, and the extra to the women. Haha. So I thought I'd take a picture with it to wish my own dad a Happy Father's Day again and tell you that the cookie was delicious! :) 

Death Certificate.... It's staying in the envelope until I really need it. 

Brother Ramsey yesterday, haha. His 5 year old daughter Asa kept bringing out all her stuffed animals and putting them on him :) I'll take a picture with the whole family soon. Sister Ramsey is from the Philippines and Asa is mixed-gorgeous! 

I forgot in my letter, but Happy Birthday to Zelma on Tuesday!!! Wahoo!! I wish I could call you! :) And Happy Birthday to Whitney and Ty on Thursday, Josh on Friday and Jayna next Monday!! Jayna I have a picture I need to take so I can send you... if I ever get to it! I will try harder this week! :) Have a good week everyone!! :)

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