Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Record Heat

Hello, Hello!!! :)

We were told this past week that it's been record heat in Georgia. Over 100 degrees NOT COUNTING the heat index. Oh my lanta.... I am going to die. Hahaha just kidding!! But seriously it's pretty hot here. Like 100 degrees when we go in at 9 pm. Unnatural...

This week was crazy... Everything really seemed to come crashing down and a lot of things just fell apart and it was super stressful, but it ended well. I went on exchanges to Cochran with Sister Cattin and they are teaching this Jewish guy they call Papa Yosi. He gives everyone a new name--whatever their first name really means. Mine is in the Jewish dictionary thing.. Kaylee=SIM'CHA.It means Rejoice/Happiness :) It's cooler when he says it with a weird accent for the "CH" part. :) Also while we were there, we ate with a family who knows or is related to a family in Utah and I recognized the name even though I don't know the people. And as we found out, that daughter went to school with Jace and so pictures were sent and a reunion was formed. Haha. Fun times, the world is so small. Especially when you're Mormon :)

This week ended so well with Ashley getting baptized. Her boyfriend Jonathan was coming back from school in Idaho to baptize her and we were praying so hard the car wouldn't break down and that he would get here on time to baptize. Last time they made the trip the car broke down. Well, that happened again. Car transmission=shot. We should've been more specific in our prayers... we had prayed that he would get here safely and on time. But at least that was answered! He got here Friday night and baptized her Saturday night. We found out Ashley's mom is an inactive member and she hasn't been supportive of Ashley getting baptized since the beginning. But more of our prayers were answered and she came to the baptism!!! That was a tear-jerker. I know her mom felt the Spirit, and it was such a spiritual experience. I was so grateful to be in attendance, what a cool moment. 

Evon, one of my favorite people ever, we were getting worried about her because we haven't seen her since she went in for a surgery two weeks ago. Yesterday she called us from a hospital in Macon and told us she almost died, but God spared her for some reason. I was scared to death! We had the APs in Macon go see her and they left her with another Book of Mormon since hers was at home. Oh it was scary, but she sounds better. Please pray for her, God really did spare her for a reason. She makes me so happy I love her to pieces!!!

Ok, one last cool miracle! Remember the Heurings? The family where the three sons are going blind? The two year old was supposed to have surgery on July 2nd and we stopped by yesterday to see how they were doing. Well, he didn't have the surgery. The cataract had disappeared. They said his body must have absorbed it. :) Yeah, that's what happened. Haha. All credit goes to the most loving and gracious Heavenly Father and His Priesthood power!!!! Oh I am beyond thankful! I know the mom didn't totally think the Priesthood works, but she knew enough to have her son get a blessing before the surgery and the miracle and power of God was manifest. The feeling that brought to my heart, priceless. God is great.

Remember CPR: Church, Prayer, Read your scriptures. It's how to save your spiritual life. :)

And a scripture that I was shown by Elder Zwick of the Seventy that I love, Doctrine and Covenants 98:1-3: 
Verily say unto you my friends, fear notlet your heartbe comforted; yea, rejoice evermore, and in everything givthanks;
 Waiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth, and are recorded with this seal and testament—the Lord hath sworn and decreethat they shall be granted.3 Therefore, he giveth this promise unto you, with an immutable covenant that they shall be fulfilled;  and alll things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your goodand to my name’s glory, saith the Lord.
I hope y'all have the most wonderful week!!! Sorry this email might have spelling and grammar errors, my computer is being lame and won't let me fix stuff. I love and appreciate all of you! Also, for help remembering your baptismal covenants, go eat a Kit Kat candy bar! It's your Baptism Kit--
K-Keep the Commandments
A-Always remember Him
T-Take His name upon you
All my love,
Sister Applegate

Sister Walker is a 2nd degree black belt. So the elders made cookies :)

Words to live by

It POURED while we were tracting. So fun! One pic you can't tell, so there's some Georgia trees for you, haha

Only in Georgia would you find this sign in one of our church buildings. 

Best sign ever. I love church signs. Dad might remember one we saw going to school one morning, "What did Noah do with all the woodpeckers?" He told me to ask my seminary teacher that one :)

Pioneer Day Activity


Ashley's Baptism!!!!


Something about Georgia, or at least Warner Robins, RIMS are IN! These aren't even the craziest ones... they are outrageous here. One car, we can easily go under it in our car it is so huge. One day I hope we get a picture next to it....That last car must've blown a tire.. the spare looks pretty lame next to that "awesome" one... haha. All we do is laugh at people's rims all day driving. Did you know you can rent them? You can. :) Haha


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