Sunday, August 9, 2015

Follow the Spirit!!! Or lose your dignity.

Hey Y'all!!

I was so not going to tell you what happened this week but I have to learn to laugh at myself....So since I've been on my mission, you always hear about sister missionaries who do really stupid stuff. I never wanted to be that stereotypical "sister missionary". Well, I can kiss that goodbye.... On Saturday we were going to see this guy and we drove down the road and I was going to make a U-turn so that Sister Walker wouldn't have to back. Nice thing to do, right? The Spirit told me halfway through to have her back me but I was like "Nah, I'll go a little further." No. Bad idea. You always listen to the Spirit! Because hidden in that tall grass on the edge of the road was the opening to a sewer and when we drove over it our car got STUCK. Oh. My. Gosh. You have got to be kidding me. We're trying to get ready for a baptism that night it's supposed to be a good day! It looked a lot worse once we got outside to look at it so we knocked on some random person's door and they said it would need to be towed, no way we were getting it out of there. My only thought was "Elder Cole (who is in charge of cars) and President Cottle are going to KILL ME! But anyway... the nice strangers let us stay in their air-conditioned house and the tow truck came and got our car out. Most embarrassing thing ever. So there. Now I'm the stereotypical missionary who drives cars into ditches. And I know I'll never live it down, so just don't even say anything. I did take one picture from the back angle though, so you could laugh along with me so I'll send that one I guess.... But yeah. There's some excitement for the week. And what did I learn? Never postpone a prompting!!!!! (President Monson)

This week was pretty good! One of the maintenance guys for our apartment complex, his name is Dwight. We talked to him last Monday and found out his wife is really sick. They live in Macon and we're trying to set it up for the elders there to go and give her a blessing. Dwight is so stinkin' cool and I really think him and his wife will make the best Mormons, so hopefully he gets back to us! His wife won't tell the Deacon of her church that she's sick but Dwight gave us his number and we've been in contact so that's good, he trusts us.

I went on exchanges this week to Perry. On the way there we stopped to see this potential from the Philippines. Turns out she speaks zero English. That's helpful... however, Sister Ramsey from our ward is from the Philippines and she speaks Tagalog! We were able to get her on the phone and she spoke to this lady for a few minutes and it was super cool. God puts people right where they are needed at a specific time! :) 

I made ice cream cake for district meeting last week (I call it the Applegate Birthday cake here) and then we had it with Krystal and Kory on Friday. Her birthday was recently and Kory's is in September so we had a lesson with them and then had ice cream cake :) Any excuse to eat it I guess! Yesterday the elders in our district were asking if I'd make scotch-a-roos again and I know they really do want them because today they bought the stuff for them! Haha. Looks like I'll be making those tonight :)

We saw the Heurings yesterday and had a pretty intense meeting with them. Sister Heuring opened up more of why she doesn't go to church and things like that and I can honestly see where she's coming from, but I wish she could just see what we see! If she will turn to God for help things would get so much better! But she explained why she can't/won't and we just know it will take time. I'm going to try and help her out with something when I get home, I have to find what she's looking for at Deseret Book to send to her. With her I know the scripture is true in 2 Peter I believe where it basically says God gives us all the time we need-He waits for us to come to Him. I think that is super cool. 

Also yesterday we were looking for a new investigator to start teaching. The other day I told Heavenly Father that I would give the next person we see in a parking lot a Book of Mormon and teach them about it. Yesterday was the day! We were going to another appt to teach someone about the Book of Mormon so I had it in my hand when we were leaving the car and this guy started walking by so I asked him if he'd ever heard of the Book of Mormon and we taught him right there. His name is Hakeem, he's so cool! He met with elders a few years back but doesn't remember much. What's really cool is he lives in that apartment complex but we already tracted his building so if we hadn't talked to him right then, we might not have any time soon. Once again, God puts you (and others) where you need to be at just the right time!

Sorry this is all over the place, holy cow. Best part of the week though! NINA GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!! Her husband and step daughter were there and it was awesome! *side note--the car thing happened that morning and the Cottles came to the baptism and President Cottle shook my hand and didn't let go and he just stared into my soul and in my head I was like "OH MY GOSH HE KNOWS!!!" hahaha. But he didn't say anything and I still have my driving privileges.... :D Haha. But anyway, the baptism was great! Nina was laughing and wiping away tears when she came out of the water and it was such a happy moment! The confirmation on Sunday was pretty powerful too. I loved it! Her testimony is so sweet and pure, I love it. 

I love what Doctrine and Covenants says in section 6 regarding one's testimony; In verses 22-23 it says: " Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things. Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?"

Each and every day we are able to experience something that with strengthen our faith and our testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow from. Do not let them pass you by. Enjoy every minute, for you never know when it will be your last. 

I know with all my heart that this Gospel is true, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and that they love us. They did appear to Joseph Smith, and They did restore Christ's Church. The Book of Mormon is true. God answers prayer. The Priesthood has been restored. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. All that was mentioned in my blessing when I was set apart as a full time missionary has been fulfilled. I wouldn't trade these last 18 months for anything in the world. They have been the best 18 months FOR my life. The greatest foundation aside from a loving family who raised me with these truths. I wouldn't trade my knowledge or testimony for anything. I love you all so much and I pray for you every day! Keep doing what you know is right and build your testimony every day. 

Nashville Tribute has a bunch of amazing missionary songs that hit everything right on. One of my favorites is "The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved to Do". My mission exactly. It ends with "The hardest thing I ever loved to do... was getting on a plane, and coming home to you...." it is so very true. But I know that it is so sad and hard because I've given my whole heart to this. For now I guess I will talk to you one more time from the field next Monday

Until I see you again,

Sister Kaylee Applegate

William M. and I :)

See that? That's a gnat. Most annoying little bug EVER

Church sign I loved

Pictures from the Perry sisters' apt that I liked

The elders got our car. But they left cookies! So that was good. This was the second time they did it. The first time it was as a thank you for the ice cream cake. (Sorry they're dark)

It POURED last week. I loved it! But then it flooded and we got soaked and just stayed soaked till the end of the night. But a member dried our socks while we ate dinner with them! :) So kind

Sister Walker and I made headstones for our district meeting "funeral" tomorrow. We had to get creative at the dollar store so they are made out of floral foam and a plastic tablecloth. We thought they turned out pretty good!

Our car... don't even say anything. 

Nina's baptism!!!!!!

Brother and Sister Poppe and I :)

Sister Walker, Sister Poppe and I

Kshaun and Ashley and Ashley's kids, "Nuke", "Trey" (she made up their names and they're impossible to spell or pronounce), Briston and Alaysia

Briston's freshly cut hair

We went to Andersonville today to see the Prisoner of War Camp. Pretty cool!



P.O.W Cemetery

Lane's Peaches! Something pretty popular here. Sister Kozak got us peaches, peach ice cream and peach cobbler! It was delicious :)


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